chapter  2
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Understanding projects

Consider work that you are currently doing and ask yourself the following questions:

❍ Are there clear, measurable and attainable objectives? ❍ Have the work tasks been identified? ❍ Do you know who will be carrying out these tasks? ❍ Who is the sponsor of the work? ❍ Do you have a great team to execute the project? ❍ Do you know when the work needs to begin? ❍ When will all the work be finished? ❍ Have funds been set aside to pay for this work? ❍ Are you unsure that the right work has been identified? ❍ Have the risks been identified and a contingency docu-

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, then you either do not have a project or have overlooked a significant component of a project. For example:

● Negotiations between two industrial groups who have a dispute over working conditions may never find a resolution. A common objective may not be defined or agreed, and an end date for settling the dispute may not be defined or attainable. This is not a project, this is a dispute.