chapter  7
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Tourism research and theories: a review

The first scholarly research journal in tourism was The Tourist Review, the official publication of the Association Internationale d’Experts Scientifiques du Tourisme (AIEST), in its 55th year of publication by the year 2000. This was followed by JTR, which commenced publication in 1972, and was joined by Annals of Tourism Research, which started publication in 1973. The next several years saw just a handful of other new research journals in tourism. The explosion in new tourism research journals came in the late 1980s and in the 1990s, coinciding with the growth of tourism courses and academics teaching and researching in tourism at universities. In 1999, there were some 50 refereed journals being published globally which focused on hospitality, tourism and leisure research. If we assume an average of four issues per journal per year, this represents some 200 journal issues. Of course, additional studies with a tourism focus are also published in the research journals of disciplines such as marketing, consumer behaviour, economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, geography and transportation studies.