chapter  13
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A number of researchers have presented information on likely future trends in Europe's tourism. A distillation of these is made from the following sources: the European Travel Commission's Megatrends of Tourism in Europe (to the year 2005 and beyond) (1999); the World Tourism Organization's Tourism

2020 Vision study volume Intraregional and Long Haul Flows: Europe (2000); that same body’s Strategic Issues for Europe, arising from the June 1998 Leadership Forum of Advisers of the WTO Business Council; the European Travel and Tourism Action GroupiEuropean Travel CommissioniBritish Tourist Authority August 1998 conference report Marketing Intelligence for Planning the Future: Europe in the Global Context (ETAG, 1998) ; and the issue of the Tourism Trendspotter bi-monthly service which identified eight trends for Europe’s tourism (Tourism Trendspotter, 1999).