chapter  14
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Managing human resources development

This chapter discusses the importance of human resources development and the corresponding GTA role. It goes on to describe the steps taken in seeking to establish internationally agreed minimum working conditions. The chapter then explains the interrelationship between education and training, and discusses the role of a national committee or council for tourism education and training, and the links which should be established between different types of course. Surveys of the workforce are explained together with the estimation of future workforce needs, the assessment of existing education and training programmes, and the projection of future training needs. The chapter then describes the human resources part of the information system, occupational skill standards, trade testing and certification and minimum requirements for training institutions. It then covers both preemployment and post-employment education and training, and describes other types of specialized training. The chapter concludes with a summary of the human resources development objectives, results and activities, representing the human resources part of the overall planning process.