chapter  8
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3D Containers

The new container appears with the

two spline primitive tracks inside it.

You can now click the container track

and adjust the parameters of both

objects at once.

One of the most important controls is

the Renderer, which determines how

the objects inside the container will

interact. It off ers three options:

• 2D Composite

• Z Space Model

• 3D Model

2D Composite is the most basic. Using

this renderer you will get a basic com-

posite of the tracks you put into the

container. The tracks will appear on

top of the other, with the uppermost

track in the timeline taking the front

position in the eff ect. You can put any

track into a 2D Composite container. Z

Space model creates a composite with

regard to where objects are in Z space,

that is, the object closest to the viewer

in Z space overlaps or covers object

farther away in Z space. Objects in this

type of container can cast shadows on

other objects in the container. You can

put 3D Plane and 3D Sphere shapes

into this type of container. No other

shape will be visible in the container.