chapter  21
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More 3D solid models

Fig. 21.10 shows the assembly after Hide and after being rendered. For

Fig. 21.11 shows the dimensions of the two links forming parts of this assembly. Working to these dimensions: 1. Open the template A3_template.dwt. 2. Construct the outlines shown in Fig. 21.12, working to the dimen-

sions given in Fig. 21.11. 3. Set ISOLINES to 20 and extrude as indicated in Fig. 21.12. Also

construct the boxes as shown. 4. Place in the Front view and move the boxes to lie centrally to the

5. Place in the SW Isometric view. Call Hide. 6. Unite the larger of the cylinders to the boxes in both links. Then sub-

tract the smaller cylinders from the unions (Fig. 21.13). 7. Place in the Right view and construct boxes to form the slot in the

larger link. Then place in the Top view, move the boxes to their correct positions relative to the link and subtract them from the link.