chapter  5
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Journeying with Your Ethical Map

In Chapter 4 we looked at a framework for understanding and assessing the different types of behaviors-individual, organizational, and cultural or global-in which people engage and which are labeled to one degree or another as unethical. We looked at breaking down the overall map of ethics according to whether something is clearly corrupt, fraudulent, or illegal; unethical according to our cultural and personal values; unfair according to our capitalistic political mindset; or inappropriate according to our personal cultural behavioral standards. We looked at categories of behavior through the lenses of the individual, the organization, and the culture of the global organization as a whole. This chapter w i l l focus again on specific behaviors using the lenses of the individual, the organization, and the global or cultural aspect. We look at the different levels of coping and dealing wi th ethical issues according to three levels, levels that I call Survival, Understanding, and Knowing. Each of these levels has a different task or purpose, a specific focus of engagement, and a particular challenge through which leaders must work. The first level is Survival.