chapter  3
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Human resource planning and strategy

Learning objectives After reading this chapter you will be able to:

■ Explain the process of human resource (HR) planning for future organizational requirements

achievement of organizational goals

Chapter overview Strategic HR planning refers to the development of policies and procedures to ensure the acquisition, development, retention, and effective deployment of a workforce that will allow the organ-

A strategic approach to human resource management planning The planning of HR is an integral part of how an organization is going to achieve its mission, by ensuring that the right people, with the right skills and knowledge are in the right positions to deliver on the organization’s mission. Strategic human resource management (SHRM) planning is located within the organization’s overall strategic planning process. Overarching organizational goals determine the content of Human Resource Management (HRM) policy, strategies, goals, and measures to achieve what is most important to the organization and address the challenges it will face in the forthcoming years.