chapter  7
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Performance management

Chapter overview The contemporary sport organization, like many other organizations,

Performance management and performance appraisal The performance management system in any organization comprises a series of linked processes designed to elicit the highest levels of employee performance. Taking a holistic view, the process of performance management can be seen as involving a number of components including work and job design, reward structures, the selection of people to do the work, the training and development of those people as well as the system of assessment, and policies for rewarding and improving performance. From a strategic perspective the performance management system in an organization should stimulate the employees to produce high levels of discretionary effort as well as attain basic task accomplishment and provide the linkage which translates the organization’s broad goals into superior individual performance. In this way the performance management system in an organization is an essential component of the strategic human resource management (SHRM) approach discussed in Chapter 2 of this book and has elements of many other HR processes contained within it or linked to it.