chapter  47
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Breaking into the Industry

Breaking into the industry actually begins during your education as you work to build a good social network, a sound education, and competent work. When your money or your training period runs out, the transition from learner to freelance crew member will become unavoidable. Prepare for this awful day by establishing proof of your skills. Make original short films and get them into festivals or conferences-which is not as difficult as you might think. Awards give your résumé distinction, establish the foundations of a professional identity, and incline employers to interview you. Whether your work is made in or out of film school is immaterial. A degree on its own does nothing to impress media employers, and may even raise red flags, but is vital if you decide later in life to make lateral career moves requiring more formal education. For now, only festival awards, an attested good reputation, and demonstrable skills will get you taken seriously by professional filmmakers.