chapter  21
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Installing a PC

With all the units unpacked and on the bench, look for transit packing that is used to protect moving parts. A typical example is a tape placed over a CD/DVD drive to prevent the drive opening. Check with the documents that are packed with the unit for other pieces of transit (or shipping) packing that have to be removed. If the monitor is of the LCD type, handle it with great care, because the screen is vulnerable to impact or even light pressure. Keep the transparent covering over the LCD screen until the machine is put into use; some users like to keep this covering as a dust shield so that the screen seldom or never needs to be dusted. A set of CD-ROMs should also be included. Even if the software from these discs has been installed you may need to extract other programs from them, or use them in an emergency. One of the discs should be an authentic copy of Windows XP, while others will carry driver programs for various units.