chapter  4
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Contemporary tourism marketing

This chapter introduces the dimensions of contemporary tourism marketing. The chapter outlines current thinking in terms of the scope and definition of marketing and in particular charts the shift in focus from goods to services. Driving this shift has been the recognition that tourism marketing must focus on both the tangible and intangible nature of the service. But above all it must focus on consumer needs and their involvement in the co-creation of the contemporary tourism experience and its products as we have noted in previous chapters. The chapter then outlines the dimensions of the increasingly turbulent and complex marketing environment for tourism, and concludes that particular types of organization will be best suited to success in this environment. This is a globalizing environment with demanding consumers interacting with connected knowledgedriven organizations. Finally, the chapter focuses on the contemporary tourism marketing practices that will be essential for success in this environment. These practices are research-driven market information delivering a deep knowledge of the consumer; relationship marketing focusing on the ‘lifetime value (LTV)’ of a continuous relationship with market actors; the imperative for innovation through new product development (NPD); the smart use of technology to build relationships with customers; and finally the evolution of tourism towards societal marketing. This involves the contemporary tourism marketer in recognition of the broader needs of society in their operations through ethical and socially responsible behaviour.