chapter  12
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Supporting the contemporary tourism product: service management

Tourism is a complex system – an assemblage or interrelated combination of things or elements forming a unitary whole. Chapter 1 explained that this system includes various forms of individual products including the trip product, the destination product, the tourism business product and the service product. Underlying this tourism system is a need to understand how to best manage the experience in order to reach satisfying outcomes for tourists, individual organizations and destinations. The total tourist experience encompasses many aspects, but the primary aim of tourism businesses – customer or tourist ‘satisfaction’ – is ultimately determined as an emotional evaluation by the tourist. This is done as part of a tourist’s overall appraisal of the destination experience through the co-creation of experience between tourist and producers. As a result, the management of each component of the tourism system by tourism businesses either individually or as part of organizational networks is particularly important. This chapter provides the foundation for understanding the key issues related to managing tourism service organizations in contemporary tourism.