chapter  10
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Pay-per-click strategies

Most people reading this book will probably be embarking on an SEO strategy for the first time, or looking at reconsidering their current strategy. Like all projects, the first stages are the honeymoon stages. People want to meet you, they have plenty of ideas to share with you and, most importantly, they are open to working with you. There’s potential for change and people reflect on your ideas to make those changes. Enjoy this stage, as things get tough from here on.

Welcome to the in-house SEO life cycle, which looks like an upside down bell curve. Over time, things can improve as you figure out how to navigate through the personalities, politics, and red tape of your organization, and things start to get implemented. But things can also get very difficult, especially if you made a few big promises. People do not have the patience to wait for good news, and maybe you skipped the bit that told everybody it would take six months before they could see anything tangible. Whatever good news you might have promised at the beginning of the project, it will start to come back and haunt you.