chapter  1
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Introduction to search engine optimization

To implement search engine optimization (SEO) effectively on your website you will need to have a knowledge of what people looking for your site are searching for, your own needs, and then how to best implement these. Each SEO campaign is different, depending on a number of factors – including the goals of the website, and the budget available to spend on the SEO. The main techniques and areas that work today include:

• Having easily searchable content on your site • Having links to and from your site from other high profile websites • The use of paid placement programs • Optimized site content to make site users stay after they have visited. This book will teach you about all this, but initially Chapter 1 will take you through the background to search optimization. First of all we will look at the history of search engines, to give you a context to work in, and then we’ll take a look at why people use search engines, what they actually search for when they do, and how being ranked highly will benefit your organization. Next we will provide a critical analysis of choosing the right SEO consultancy (if you have to commission an external agency).