chapter  1
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Exchange behavior in Selling and Sales Management, or X-Be in short, is a comprehensive conceptual framework that deconstructs, systematizes and elucidates selling, sales management and the various actions that are related to them. Composed of 1+ 7 fundamental building blocks or elements (a model for the purchase process, plus 7 concepts), X-Be has its theoretical foundations in psychology and sociology. Its central precepts reflect extensive experience within the field and are based upon various kinds of selling and sales management practices that the authors have been exposed to. As will be demonstrated later in this book, the 1+ 7 building blocks of X-Be are logically integrated by a series of bonds that make use of relevant theoretical knowledge about buyers’ cognitions, psychographics, and behaviors. While X-Be and its building blocks are easy to comprehend and implement, the framework also allows the sales staff (salespeople and sales managers) to define a complete roadmap for selling and sales management that accounts for various complex issues related to the latter activities.