chapter  7
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360 feedback processes and systems

One of the main uses of a competency framework is for performance review and development planning. This is often done by integrating the competencies into a 360 feedback process. In this chapter we shall look at the following topics:

The purpose of 360 feedback

How 360 feedback works

Developing the 360 feedback questionnaire

Implementing an effective 360 feedback process

Organizational benchmarking using 360 feedback data

The role of HR in 360 feedback

Guidelines for introducing a 360 feedback system

A summary – key guidelines for effective 360 feedback systems

The purpose of 360 feedback 360 feedback is a powerful tool for assessing a person’s performance against an agreed set of behaviours. It is a systematic and structured approach to collate both quantitative and qualitative feedback about a person. It involves feeding back the data to the person in a way that helps them clearly to identify their strengths and areas for further development.