chapter  15
Self-regulation as a technique in tourism planning and management
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This chapter discusses regulations, self-regulation, guidelines and codes of conduct in tourism planning and management. It focuses on codes of conduct in tourism and the guidelines that often accompany them. The chapter begins by setting codes within the wider context of ethics and morals. Codes of conduct and guidelines are part of the attempt to regulate tourism. However, codes of conduct and guidelines are not the same as regulations as these usually have legal status while codes and guidelines are voluntary and a form of self-regulation. Some codes are deontological, merely providing a set of instructions, while others are teleological having explanatory guidelines in connection with the advice/instructions provided. Codes of conduct also suffer from that fact that they are largely voluntary. Issues with Tourism Codes although many codes are impressive in terms of the range of issues that they cover and in their depth of discussion and information, there are a number of significant problems with them.