chapter  18
Conclusions and the future of tourism planning and management
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There are a number of different organizations, groups and individuals that have an important role to play in tourism planning and management. These key players, in the form of tourists, host community members, industry members, government representatives, and to a lesser extent the media and voluntary organizations, are involved in the day-to-day problems of tourism. The natural resources for tourism, environment and landscape require particular approaches and techniques. Virtual tourism using electronic media such as the World Wide Web is becoming increasingly popular. The effect of events in the United States on tourism in the United Kingdom indicates the global nature of this problem. The Bali terrorist attack on tourists calls into question whether tourism will continue to expand in terms of visitor numbers, spread relentlessly to all parts of the globe. The twenty-first century, other global tourism destinations also suffered from localized problems affecting visitor numbers, including the effects of natural phenomenon such as volcanic eruptions, storms and flooding.