chapter  9
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Eventually we will have a look at the effect of 3D images on sound mixes, even if this is a barely explored subject.

THE THEORY OF 3D MOVIE EDITING Is cutting 3D different from cutting 2D? The big question about editing 3D is quite simple: Do you cut 3D just like 2D? There has been a long-lasting consensus that 3D should be cut its own way. Which way was not really defi ned beyond being at a slower pace than 2D, considering that 3D images are more complex to process visually. Not only is 3D reading time longer, but the audience tends to scan the whole scene before going back to the subject. The detractors of such an approach believe that the technique should not infl uence the art, that it’s the DP’s job to make images that match the script’s intended rhythm, and that converged stereo with shallow focus reads just as fast as 2D. We see here that this debate on editing style was most likely decided one way or the other when the picture was shot. You will either adapt the edit to the depth or adapt the depth to the edit.