chapter  21
Jimi Hendrix: The Guitar Legend
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Max, using splines drawn along the guitar shape which were then extruded. Meshsmooth was only added to the main body and detailed areas which required it.

Textures Textures are one thing I hate to do, so I wanted to achieve a good effect using the simplest methods available. First I searched for nice photos at the highest possible resolution. After posing him properly and rigging WKH¿QJHUV,PDSSHGWKHPRGHOXVLQJ:LQJV'¶VXQIROG


places where textures had a tendency to stretch. I knew that the only spots which would EHYLVLEOHLQWKH¿QDOLPDJHZRXOGEHWKHKDQGVDQGKHDGVR,VFDOHGXSWKHUHVWRIWKH

body on the texture to gain more space for the visible geometry. I baked the UVmap using Unwrap and opened it in Photoshop. I established the skin tone and copied the detail from the photographs and added some extra detail by hand (Fig.02).