chapter  22
Smoking Creature
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But as I proceeded to modify the shape of the facial structure, I thought that to have an angry and desperate look, I had to extend the snout and open his mouth )LJ,GLGWKLVXVLQJ=%UXVKZLWKWKHJUD\PDVN

selecting the eyes so that they were not involved in the movement of the shape of the face whilst modeling. When I had formed the face as I wanted it, the time then came to add the pipes and the straitjacket in XSI. I took a cylinder from the primitives and then made some extrusions by curve, to position them on the shoulders. I did the same with the little belts but using a cube this time, instead of a cylinder. The clothing of the straitjacket was done in ZBrush on a base mesh made in XSI. I followed the same operation for the teeth (Fig.04).