chapter  3
Basic Accounting
Pages 46

As I work on the new edition of this book, I’m constantly

reminded of how much the industry has changed since the

previous edition was released. When it comes to Account-

ing, what comes to mind immediately is how the size of

the accounting department has exponentially grown by

leaps and bounds. I know this dates me, but I remember that

on the small to moderately budgeted features and television

shows I used to work on, we always had a two-person

accounting department – maybe three if it was a bigger

show – the third person being a payroll accountant. On

the last feature I worked on, there were 12 people in the

accounting department (which included two payroll

accountants and a construction accountant). It’s also fairly

common now to send an advance person/accountant to each

distant or foreign location to set up the department before

the rest of the accounting team arrives. And I’ve heard that

on big international studio films, it’s not unheard of to

employ an accounting department of 25 to 30 people.