Macro Lenses
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If you like to take close-up pictures or photograph subjects that are very small, you want to consider a macro lens. Nikon makes three lenses for close-up photography, which they call “Micro” lenses: 60, 105, and 200 mm. These are all fixed focal length lenses. Macro lenses are specifically designed for close focusing. Every lens has a minimum focusing distance. To see how close your lens can focus, switch to manual focus mode then turn the focus ring to its smallest number. Now look through the viewfinder and start moving closer to an object. As soon as the object is in focus stop. That’s the lens’s minimum focusing distance. If you get any closer you won’t be able to bring the object into focus. If you had a macro lens to do the same test with (on the same object) you’d find that you could get a lot closer and still keep the object in focus. This capability allows you to photograph small subjects or little details of larger subjects.