chapter  7
Pages 3

Achieving Objectives Through Time Management 978-0-08-046415-2 Building the Team 978-0-08-046412-1 Coaching and Training your Work Team 978-0-08-046418-3 Communicating One-to-One at Work 978-0-08-046438-1 Developing Yourself and Others 978-0-08-046414-5 Effective Meetings for Managers 978-0-08-046439-8 Giving Briefings and Making Presentations in the Workplace 978-0-08-046436-7 Influencing Others at Work 978-0-08-046435-0 Introduction to Leadership 978-0-08-046411-4 Managing Conflict in the Workplace 978-0-08-046416-9 Managing Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace 978-0-08-046441-1 Managing Customer Service 978-0-08-046419-0 Managing Health and Safety at Work 978-0-08-046426-8 Managing Performance 978-0-08-046429-9 Managing Projects 978-0-08-046425-1 Managing Stress in the Workplace 978-0-08-046417-6 Managing the Effective Use of Equipment 978-0-08-046432-9 Managing the Efficient Use of Materials 978-0-08-046431-2 Managing the Employment Relationship 978-0-08-046443-5 Marketing for Managers 978-0-08-046974-4 Motivating to Perform in the Workplace 978-0-08-046413-8 Obtaining Information for Effective Management 978-0-08-046434-3 Organizing and Delegating 978-0-08-046422-0 Planning Change in the Workplace 978-0-08-046444-2 Planning to Work Efficiently 978-0-08-046421-3 Providing Quality to Customers 978-0-08-046420-6 Recruiting, Selecting and Inducting New Staff in the Workplace 978-0-08-046442-8 Solving Problems and Making Decisions 978-0-08-046423-7 Understanding Change in the Workplace 978-0-08-046424-4 Understanding Culture and Ethics in Organizations 978-0-08-046428-2 Understanding Organizations in their Context 978-0-08-046427-5 Understanding the Communication Process in the Workplace 978-0-08-046433-6 Understanding Workplace Information Systems 978-0-08-046440-4 Working with Costs and Budgets 978-0-08-046430-5 Writing for Business 978-0-08-046437-4