chapter  3
Editing Tools and the Pro Tools Interface
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This is the mode most often used for editing picture. It allows any sound to be moved to any place or track. It even allows the inattentive editor to move the audio out of sync.

3.1 The edit window Timecode display Editing for film and video is normally done to timecode. This is not available on M-Powered and LE systems; however, it can be added to LE systems with the DV Toolkit 2. Timecode allows for frame-by-frame and subframe nudging, grid settings, and timecode spotting. This is not to say that film and video cannot be cut to minutes and seconds, but timecode is generally used and is standard procedure. It is therefore what everyone else on the project will be using. Film has been edited to feet and frames as well, available on HD sys­ tems and LE systems with the DV Toolkit, but this is falling into disuse.