chapter  9
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Creative controls

Introduction The choice, arrangement and design of a subject within the frame determines the effectiveness of its communication. Communication can be increased by having a better understanding of the camera and its controls. Careful consideration is advised when using technical effects, so the resulting images are about communication and content and not predominantly about technique. Technique should never dominate the image. Some of the main techniques (other than lighting) employed by photographers to increase the communication of an image are:

Focus• Duration of exposure• Perspective•

Familiarity Owning the latest equipment will not necessarily make you a better photographer. Familiarity with a simple camera used over a period of time can be of far more value. Using the camera must become second nature to the point where it can be operated with the minimum of fuss. The equipment must not interfere with the function of seeing. The camera is the tool used to communicate the photographer’s vision. Creative photography is about observation, interpretation and communication of this preconceived vision.