chapter  5
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The studio

Introduction Studios range in size from small areas surrounded by black curtains to large film stages in Hollywood. The instant photographic booths found in many public areas are miniature studios. They are an area devoid of external light in which there is a controlled light source. This is the basis of any photographic studio. Size is not as important as efficiency. To set up a studio that will function within the requirements of this book need not be a complex or unachievable task.

Size A floor area for each photographer working with camera, lights and table-top set-up should be approximately 6m x 6m, with a working height of 4 metres. This is an ideal minimum. The reality is sometimes different. Whatever size can be achieved it is important to ensure the area is uncluttered and free of anything that could cause injury. Bear in mind that other than the lit subject the studio area will be in almost total darkness.