Habit one Plan for the Perfect Picture
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You may be amazed at exactly how much work goes into capturing the perfect image, such as the one on this page. Th is image of zebras took over three years to photograph, from the point of conceiving the idea for the image to actually recording it. Th ree years of traveling to Africa passed before the combination of perfect lighting and subject came together. Th e ingredients for this image, which is one of my most successful in terms of art print sales, is an in-depth knowledge

of the subject, visualization of the fi nal composition, research and planning into where to go and when, and choosing the right equipment for the job. It won’t surprise you to know that these four factors are common to most of the shots in this book, and many of the shots captured by professional photographers around the world, day in day out, irrespective of the subject. So, to sum up, the fi rst habit of highly successful nature photographers is: Plan for the perfect picture.