Habit Three See What Your Camera Sees
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Have you ever returned from a photography session only to fi nd that the image you made looks nothing in print like it appeared to you at the time? Th is is the type of conundrum I hear talked about often during the workshops I run and in e-mail questions I receive via my website. It is the perennial photographic problem and one that continues even after the technical aspects of photography have been mastered. Th at’s the bad news. Th e good news is that there is a simple solution.

Th e camera sees the world very diff erently from the way in which we see it. For example, we see in color, while cameras see in black and white and shades of gray. So what? Well, imagine a red pepper and a green pepper. Photograph them next to one another in color and it’s easy to tell them apart. Photograph them in black and white, however, and it is impossible to tell the diff erence-they are the same gray tone.