chapter  13
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Distribution and dimming equipment

Distribution and dimming equipment 13 In this chapter, we discuss portable electrical distribution equipment and dimming systems-that is,

all the cable and electrical equipment that is needed between the power source and the lights. It is

helpful to know a bit about the design and operation of this equipment, and applicable rules of the

electrical code. Before we launch into the nitty gritty, let’s just take a moment to distinguish what

this chapter is not about. The discussion in this chapter concerns portable electrical distribution equipment, rather than permanently installed distribution. The portable system gives us great flexi-

bility in the design of our electrical distribution. NEC regulations authorize portable systems for

indoor and outdoor use as long as the portable distribution system is supervised by a qualified person (a lighting technician) whenever it is energized. In this chapter, we concern ourselves only with dry locations. See Chapter 17 for safety practices in wet locations. The distribution system described

here is used throughout the United States. In Canada, Europe and elsewhere in the world the

applicable electrical codes will vary. The connector types and other details are also different.

In Chapters 14 and 15, we will discuss more about the planning and practices necessary for the phys-

ical installation of the distribution system. This chapter concerns itself with the gear that joins one

piece of copper to another so that electrons can find their way to the lights.