chapter  1
The Goal: Why Do We Watch?
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When you watch a movie, you have to watch it twice before you can really analyze it. This is because if the filmmakers have done their job correctly, you get “ lost in the story, ” just as the sultan did. You can’t be paying attention to how it’s constructed because you’re involved in following the story. We’ll soon see what an active process following the story actually is. You need to watch a movie a second time, when you already know what’s going to happen, so you can begin to analyze how it is put together. Ironically, it’s easier to learn about visual storytelling from bad movies than great classics. With a classic film, the story appears seamless. It’s designed to be that way, and later we’ll learn why. With a bad movie, mistakes are obvious and the seams show, making it easier to see what not to do. With this is mind, I recommend that you read Scheherazade’s story more than once in order to clearly see the principles and techniques at work in the visual storytelling.