chapter  3
Property in Land
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Land law principles have evolved mostly under civil as distinct from criminal law, and are needed and applied in disputes over property rights in land whatever its material condition may be. Civil cases are decided in county courts (local) and the High Court (in London, or sometimes in provincial cities). Appeals go to the Court of Appeal, from which a further appeal may go to the House of Lords. The Constitutional Reform Act 2005 will soon replace the House in its judicial role by a new Supreme Court, in which the Law Lords will then sit in order to hear appeals from Scottish Courts as well as from the Court of Appeal for English and Welsh cases. Various specialist tribunals, eg the Lands Tribunal, from which appeals go direct to the of

Valuers (naturally) exist to provide professional advice for litigants plus expert evidence in litigation in these various courts and tribunals. But litigation is always expensive and is best not undertaken lightly, wantonly or unadvisedly (eg without insurance).