chapter  6
Rewriting history through architecture
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Location: New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Design team: Jo Noero, Principal, Noero Wolff Architects, Cape Town, South Africa

Time frame: 1998 – Project is awarded through an international competition

2002 – Project begins

2005 – Phase I, the museum is completed. Six additional bulidings in the cultural precinct are planned

Jo Noero’s design for the Museum at Red Location speaks to the collective struggles of a people, the invisible structures of power that defined the social experience of apartheid, and the promise of a reimagined cultural identity that the very premise of a post-apartheid heritage museum represents. National and international in importance with regard to its inspired design concept and execution, the museum succeeds most brilliantly in its ability to connect to the local human experience, local residents, local building features, local spatial relationships, and the realities of the local economy. It is community-centered design – a true civic building.