chapter  9
A poverty of resources/a richness of expression
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Project: Visitors’ Interpretive Centre for Prehistoric Art (also known as the Northwest Rock Art Visitors’ Centre, National Monuments Council of Namibia)

Location: Twyfelfontein, Namibia Design team: Nina Maritz, Architects with Dennis


Community stakeholders and local community tour guides

European Union representatives and funding authorities

Resident archeologist – Dr John Kinahan

Namibian Tourism Development Programme

Structural/Civil – Uhrich

Mechanical/Electrical – EMCON Consulting Engineers

Quantity surveyor – C. P. De Leeuw Namibia

Contractor – Hartmut Maletski

Construction crew Time frame: Opened in June 2005

The Visitors’ Interpretive Centre for Prehistoric Rock Art at Twyfelfontein is sited in an arid and remote section of northwest Namibia. Located in this dry Tropics of Capricorn in southwest Africa, the design climate demands of severe

radiation, heat, and glare (Figures 9.3 and 9.4). In addition, the goal of the project was to provide protection and non-intrusive interpretation that would address the environmental pressures of an increasing number of visitors (over 1,000 a week), while providing a viewing experience of the twentythousand-year-old cultural site that would screen out the modern world.