chapter  1
7 MUF and LUF
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The maximum usable frequency (MUF) is the highest frequency that will allow communication over a given path at a particular time and on a particular date. MUF varies considerably with the amount of solar activity and is basically a function of the height and intensity of the F-layer. During a period of intense solar activity the MUF can exceed 30 MHz during daylight hours but is often around 16 to 20 MHz by day and around 8 to 10 MHz by night. The variation of MUF over a 24-hour period for the London to New York path is shown in Figure 1.11. A similar plot for the summer months would be flatter with a more gradual increase in MUF at dawn and a more gradual decline at dusk. The reason for the significant variation of MUF over any 24-hour period is that the intensity of ionisation in the upper atmosphere is significantly reduced at night and, as a consequence, lower frequencies have to be used to produce the same amount of refractive bending and also to give the same critical angle and skip distance as by day.