chapter  20
4 System enhancements
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The rate of thunderstorm development can also be

modelled within the weather radar system

providing crews with increased notice of

anticipated turbulence.

Knowledge of how thunderstorms develop over

land versus oceans can be built into the system to

modify the weather radar display. Different

geographical areas of the world generate different

types of storm with their associated turbulence;

these characteristics can be built into the system’s

software model. These models are used to

characterise the different type of storms that

develop in the northern and southern

hemispheres, taking into account the variations

that occur with latitude. Turbulence warnings can

also be customised for specific aircraft types and

A complementary technology used for the

detection of storms is lightning detectors. These

are inexpensive and lightweight, making them

very attractive for general aviation (especially for

single-engine aircraft, where there is no space for

a radome). Lightning detection system comprises

an antenna, processor and display; the system

weight is approximately 5 kg versus 15 kg for a

weather radar system. The system monitors

electrical activity within a storm (whereas

weather radar detects precipitation as described in

this chapter).