chapter  10
3 Operational aspects of VOR
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Radials from any given VOR navigation aid are

the basis of airways; system accuracy is typically

within one degree. These are the standard routes

flown by aircraft when flying on instruments.

When two VOR radials intersect, they provide a

unique navigation position fix based (theta-

theta). The accuracy of this fix is greatest when

the radials intersect at right angles. Figure 10.11

illustrates how navigation charts are built up on a

network of VOR radials; the accuracy of VOR

radials is generally very good (±1 degree). In this

illustration, the navigation aid located near

Brussels (abbreviated BUB) transmits on 114.6

MHz. Three radials can be seen projected from

this navigation aid on 136°, 310° and 321°. These

radials are used to define airways A24 and G120.

Note the Morse code output and latitude/