chapter  18
the Small, the Large, the Growing Business
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It is almost an article of the American creed that in the small business there are no problems of spirit and morale, of organization structure or of communication. Unfortunately this belief is pure myth, a figment of the Jeffersonian nostalgia that is so marked in our national sentiment. The worst examples of poor spirit are usually found in a small business run by a one-man dictator who brooks no opposition and insists on making all decisions himself. I know no poorer communications than those of the all too typical small business where the boss ‘plays it close to the chest’. And the greatest disorganization can be found in small business where everybody has four jobs and no one quite knows what anyone is supposed to be doing. In fact, if the Ford Motor Company in the thirties was a model of poor spirit, poor organization and poor communications, it was because the elder Ford tried to run it the way the typical small business tends to be run. It was only the size of his operations that made appear extraordinary what in a small business might well have passed for commonplace.