Constructing Excellence
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Constructing Excellence (CE) The Constructing Excellence Contract (CE) is one of the newer forms of contract produced by the JCT and was fi rst published in 2006. Its format and style are signifi cantly diff erent from the more traditional JCT forms of contract and it also introduces a number of innovative ideas. The CE form of contract is actually based on a previously published contract (Be Collaborative Contract), whose principal authors were solicitors Martin Howe and Giles Dixon, and this possibly explains the diff erent approach adopted by the JCT when producing the CE. The JCT has produced three documents for use with this procurement approach, i.e.:

The CE is very much a multi-purpose form of contract. It may be used for the procurement of both construction works and construction-related services; therefore, contractors and construction professionals, such as architects, engineers, designers and QSs, can all be appointed under an identical form of contract. Also, in relation to the construction works, it is anticipated that the same CE form of contract will be used to engage organisations further down the supply chain, such as sub-contractors and subsub-contractors, as well as material and plant suppliers. One of the key aspects of the CE is that it is a form of contract to be used where the parties wish to work on a collaborative basis and it encourages the use of integrated teamwork throughout the supply chain. As a consequence, the CE is a suitable form of contract where a partnering approach is to be employed. A further indication as to the fl exibility of this contract is that it may be used on contracts based on either a target cost or a lump sum.