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Schedules Schedule 1: Contractor’s Design Submission Procedure Schedule 1 is only relevant where contractor’s design portion work has been included in the project. This schedule should be read in conjunction with clause 2.9.3, where reference is made to the contractor’s design documents (see Defi nitions clause 1.1 for an explanation of these documents). The general requirement of clause 2.9.3 is that the Contractor must provide the A/CA with further drawings and information (i.e. the contractor’s design documents) in relation to the CDP work. This information will normally be provided in accordance with the following schedule, unless an alternative procedure is stated in the contract documents; for example, the employer’s requirements may set out procedures diff erent from schedule 1 – in which case the employer’s requirements will take precedence. The procedure in Schedule 1 gives the A/CA the opportunity to review the Contractor’s Design Documents (CDD) and allows him to pass comment on whether or not he considers the documents to be in compliance with the contract. It is important to note that the A/CA is here merely reviewing and commenting on the contractor’s documents and this procedure does nothing to remove or diminish the Contractor’s responsibility to ensure that his CDP work is in compliance with this contract. The Contractor’s design submission procedure is as follows:

1. This requires the Contractor to prepare the contractor’s design documents and provide the A/CA with two copies of each document. Where the employer’s requirements or contractor’s proposals specify the format for some or all of these documents then the Contractor must ensure that the documents do comply with that format. The Contractor must submit the documents to the A/CA in suffi cient time to allow the A/CA to make any comments (i.e. whether the documents are in accordance with the contract – and if not why not) and for those comments to be incorporated into the design before the relevant CDP work is carried out.