Minor Works Building Contract
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Minor Works Building Contract (MW and MWD) Any clause numbers used in the following text refer to the Minor Works Building Contract with Contractor’s Design (MWD).

The JCT Minor Works Building Contract (MW) is one of the smallest and simplest forms of contract produced by the JCT for commercial projects. The JCT does produce a number of very basic contracts for householders, but these contracts do not fall within the scope of this book. From a review of the Contracts in Use survey 3 commissioned by the RICS, it is possible to see that the MW contract is one of the most frequently used contracts in the UK. In the 2004 survey, it was shown that nearly 23% (by number) of the contracts captured by the survey were let on the MW form, which would seem to indicate that this is an important and widely used contract. It is certainly widely used, but its importance is diminished by the fact that it is responsible for only 2.4% of the work by value. This survey return clearly indicates that the contract is frequently used but mostly on low value projects.