Management Building Contract
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Management Building Contract (MC) The Management Building Contract (MC) is predominantly designed for large-scale and possibly complex projects where the Employer would like an early start on site at a time when the detailed design is still to be agreed. Under the management contracting approach, the Employer engages a contractor (the management contractor) to supply the site facilities and to perform the site management role. The Management Contractor will in turn engage sub-contract organisations (works contractors) to carry out the construction work. The Employer will engage a number of professional advisers to assist with the design and cost implications of the project, although some of the design work can be passed on to the works contractors. Where the Employer uses the MC contract, he is obliged to appoint an A/CA and a QS (Articles 3 and 4); the other members of the Consultant Team are identifi ed in Article 5, or may be notifi ed to the Management Contractor at a later date. The Management Contractor’s key personnel are identifi ed in the Contract Particulars.