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Using Your Computer to Set the Camera

A new window, called the Capture Window, appears. You’ll notice the same menu symbols that you see in the main menu, one each for Setup, Tools and My Menu. You’ll also see that the camera’s current Zone, Creative Controls, Meter mode and other controls are represented by their respective icons. All of these functions may be accessed and changed through your computer, just by clicking on them. Any change you make in the camera will be mirrored on the computer screen. Additionally, the bottom row of buttons allows you to jump to the Download Images ’ DPP window, see a Quick Preview of an image, or activate Live View shooting for tethered shots (and make additional adjustments to the camera, even fine-tune the focus). The last of the four buttons will shoot a test image, which will not be written to the card or the computer. The Tools menu, in addition to setting Date and Time and the Live View settings, lets you add your name as the camera owner. Also, if you’re hooked up to the Internet you can upgrade the camera’s firmware just by clicking.