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Picture Styles

Balance window in the Main window, those set in the Edit window will be available in the Main window after they have been registered. I’m sure you can see the importance of a control like this. Many wedding photographers shoot everything in RAW format, preferring to take the time to fine-tune each image before processing and printing. Many of those images are made with on-camera flash and sometimes look a little flat. Adding a little extra warmth by changing the color temperature from 5600K to 7500K might be beneficial to the final product and can be accomplished easily. Beauty and glamour photographers frequently want an even greater level of warmth in their images, perhaps all the way up to 10000K. Like all controls in any Canon camera, I merely ask you to play with them and make your own decisions as to how your vision is to be represented. If you like the concept of changing an image’s color temperature and want to apply it to existing, non-RAW, images, I’ve outlined a simple yet versatile Photoshop formula in my book Photoshop Effects for Portrait Photographers , also from Focal Press.