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RGB Image Adjustment

You may have noticed some commands in the File and Edit menus that sound a little strange. There are, in fact, seven commands that cryptically reference “recipe. ” Well, DPP keeps a running tab on all the changes that are made to an image until it’s finished and converted to a TIFF or JPEG. The final version of all changes made to an image can be saved and, like a recipe, applied to another image to make a new one that’s just as tasty as the first. It took several minutes to get this particular effect, and I often reset a control because I didn’t like what I saw. I radically changed the dynamic range, exposure, contrast, and individual RGB channels, as well as the entire Luminance tone curve. Before converting it to a TIFF, I selected Edit Save Recipe in File, named it, selected a location for it (I created a Recipe folder), and clicked Save. That’s it. Now I can apply this recipe to any photo I wish, now or in the future. To use the recipe (or any other that’s been saved in the created Recipe folder), first select a new photo in

the Edit window or in another RAW file folder. Go to Edit Read and Paste Recipe from File…, and select the proper file and recipe. Go back to Edit Paste Recipe to Selected Image. The new image will be processed according to the recipe in just a few seconds.