chapter  85
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mm f1.2

This lens is a photojournalist’s dream. Super fast and dead-on sharp, its slight telephoto focal length adds charm to the images through a slightly foreshortened perspective. This is a perfect, grab-shot lens for location work, and even though its huge front element (72 mm) adds extra weight, it is the lens of choice for many wedding and documentary photographers on the prowl for the perfect moment. With a maximum aperture of f1.2, not only is this lens able to function under very low light levels, depth of field at f1.2 is virtually nonexistent, another feature to exploit for effect. This lens will show an angle of view of approximately 135 mm. This lens is terrific for portraits. The slight perspective compression that I spoke of earlier coupled with a midrange f-stop of 5.6 or 8 will

hold focus over the planes of the face but begin falling off to a nice blur at the ears and shoulders. At f1.2, however, depth of field is virtually nonexistent, a point you can use to create outstanding, out-ofthe-ordinary images.