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Making Pictures

Your Digital Rebel offers two options for creative photography, easily accessed via the Mode Dial. The first, the Basic Zone, distinguishes the various functions by icons and can be used “as is ” to create great images the very first time you use the camera. Using any of the Basic Zones means the camera will make decisions for you. For first-time users, the Basic Zone is a great place to start. None of the Basic Zone modes allow changes in white balance, exposure compensation, or exposure beyond what the camera’s processor says is correct. Instead, each mode is preset to what a photographer would typically choose for a specific type of image, like a portrait or a landscape. However, if the camera is not able to achieve this effect and get a good exposure, it will still attempt to give you a well-exposed image. All Basic Zone modes allow you creative freedom. The Portrait mode, for example, can also be used for landscapes or interiors, although the camera will evaluate the scene with the presets it uses for a portrait. I know this may sound confusing. After all, why go to the trouble of creating six different modes if you can use any of them for any shot? The answer lies in how the camera balances aperture and shutter speed. Understanding how that’s done for each mode (and how those balances affect the look of your final image) will help you make great pictures.