chapter  3
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Strategic Planning, Problem Solving and Decisions

You noticed that things at the restaurant had recently gone downhill. Staff turnover was high, new hires were not very experienced, guest complaints had increased and business had decreased. On a few occasions, you were called in to work extra shifts, which caused you to miss classes. About six months ago, a new general manager, Dave, was brought into your store from the corporate offi ce. After a short time, he began to make serious changes to the operation. Most people hated the new manager at fi rst. He replaced most of the assistant managers and hired many new servers. He implemented controls and service

standards for all staff members. He demanded actual performance to the new standards and took progressive disciplinary action when these were not met. At fi rst, you thought he was shaking up the whole restaurant. But over time you realized that your job was becoming easier to perform, your tips have increased and your new coworkers seem to be more professional.