chapter  9
Coaching Conversations
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As was said earlier, probably the only activity you will do as a coach is speak to your client. Sometimes you may demonstrate, at other moments you’ll be listening, but the form your coaching mostly will take is speaking with your client. That’s why the earlier section on language has been included. So what do you say to your client? The most abstract way to answer the question is to respond that you say to your client something that will allow him to make a new observation. A more everyday way of answering is that you will speak with your client so that he will be able to see something or understand something or appreciate something that he couldn’t before. But the job of a coach is beyond this way of speaking because the test of coaching will be in the action that the client takes, not only in the observation he can make. So another part of the answer is that the coach speaks in a way that frees the client to take action.